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Mental Health
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We know that mental health charities are struggling for funding and closing due to this. We know that mental health organisations are struggling to increase their capacity and help more people. We know that waiting lists for mental health services are longer than ever before.

The Blurred Line Group wants to play its part in supporting individuals with mental health conditions and does this through funding initiatives with the local charities and support groups available to them.

Tackling the mental health crisis together

We strive to provide sustainable and accessible funding to local mental health charities, grassroots organisations and community projects across the UK.

here is what we have done so far 

Our Wellbeing Challenge Day could not have been as successful without Lancashire Mind having access to the generous funds made available through The Blurred Line Group.
The grant received from The Blurred Line Group enabled us to continue to develop our model of mental health support for families.

A helping hand for charities

Lewis with the Samaritans