Lewis Alexander Baxter founded The Blurred Line Group following his own battle with mental health. Despite being surrounded by loving family and friends and life seeming ‘perfect’ from the outside, in reality, this was far from the truth. In late 2015, Lewis was in the iron-grip of depression which controlled every part of his life. Routine tasks became almost impossible. Smiles in public transformed to tears, suffering and despair behind closed doors. In March 2016, Lewis suffered a mental breakdown, and whilst suicidal, attempted to take his own life. Fortunately, a member of the public, our emergency services and his caring family did enough to prevent this tragedy. 

Following therapy from professionals and the support from those around him, Lewis subsequently passed his A-Levels and secured a place at Durham University reading law. Lewis is now a prominent public speaker, recently completing a TEDx talk on mental health, a radio presenter and with a passion for fundraising. His insight into the complex world of mental health made him determined to give something back. The Blurred Line Group is the vision.

This is Lewis’s story. Our story. We all have a story to tell. 

In September 2018, The Blurred Line Group held its first event in Lancashire. The all-day expo, where over 30 local and national charities exhibited, welcomed over 1200 visitors. The evening fundraising event raised almost £7500. This money was distributed to 9 local mental health charities and community projects.

One year on, in 2019, The Blurred Line Group launched its broadened mission, aiming to expand from its base in rural Lancashire to become a national organisation providing funding and support to grassroots mental health charities and initiatives across the UK. The team is made up of individuals with a lived experience with mental health, equipped with an innate passion to make lasting change. The plan is to develop a strong regional presence across all the territories of the UK by liaising with corporate partners, universities, think tanks, a network of charities and other external partners that all have an active interest in making mental health clearer for all and providing accessible funding for the future. 


‘The UK’s first funding hub for local mental health charities and community projects.’


‘We strive to change the way mental health charities are supported in the UK and bring clarity to mental health for all.'


  Our Values


Adopting an honest and transparent approach in all we do.



Supporting individuals through local charities, social enterprises, community projects and initiatives.


Determined to tackle the stigma of mental health and provide solutions to the challenges faced by mental health charities and projects.



A hub for businesses, universities, schools and all those affected by mental health.