We at The Blurred Line Group are extremely proud to support and help launch chit-chat and its first service, chit-chat LINE.

Written By Austyn

chit-chat LINE gives people the opportunity to have positive conversations during an unprecedented period of a global pandemic. The anonymous call line is a space open to anyone and everyone to simply talk about their day, ask a question regarding a certain worry they have or to simply have a good ole chin-wag.

chit-chat’s first step in connecting the nation through conversation is only just beginning. We cannot wait to see how chit-chat will evolve and bring people closer together through its upcoming plans and services. While committed to providing a platform for positive natter, chit-chat wants to ensure that nobody feels alone, afraid or anxious. It therefore has a small squadron of volunteers arming the phone lines to help direct those with concerns in the correct direction for further advice and support.

Amidst the current global health crisis with ‘social distancing’ a normal way of life for everyone, it is more important than ever to stay connected. chit-chat is the nation’s long-term solution to engaging people in the art of having a natter.

chit-chat LINE will be open to receive calls from 26 March, with lines open seven days a week between 09:00 – 21:00.

Come and have a chit-chat 0333 002 0333

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