An honest and raw account of overcoming depression and living with an autistic spectrum disorder.

How The Blurred Line Group empowers me and will empower others

Written by Peter Byrne

As a person living with an autistic spectrum disorder, I’ve often had to approach life from a different angle. I’ve found things difficult that the ‘neurotypical person’ might not do. This has led me to periods of depression. At my lowest point, I struggled to see any light at the end of tunnel, in fact, my mind was so scattered I couldn’t even see a tunnel.


Thankfully I have learned to accept my autistic spectrum disorder and have been free from depression for several years. I live conscious of my condition and the steps I have to take to make sure that life doesn’t get on top of me. I love routine and discipline, and I hope that by keeping on top of things, depression will not come back to bite me again.


My journey with The Blurred Line Group started in 2018, where I was inspired by our founder’s story and shared his vision. Getting involved with The Blurred Line Group provides me with an opportunity to use my darkest times to help others. I am determined and excited to help those charities similar to, and including, the ones that helped me when I needed support. That is what The Blurred Line Group is all about: providing funding, mentorship and a helping-hand to mental health charities and grassroots projects across the UK.

In 2020 we launch our new project, as The Blurred Line Group travel into unchartered territory. With a firm belief in the ability of our nation’s young people, the University Programme gives me a way of empowering them to be their best selves and do incredible things. Their creative and innovative fundraising activities will generate money that will help mental health charities in and around their university campuses. This is social enterprise at its best.


I live hoping that dark times don’t return to my life, the fear it causes and the clarity it removes is horrible. Thankfully The Blurred Line Group, and the many fantastic mental health charities and initiatives that we will support, exist to ensure darkness doesn’t win, bringing clarity where there is none.