what we do

The Problem

There are limited resources for local mental health charities and community projects, who must spend their time and effort fundraising instead of providing vital frontline support to those with mental health struggles. 

  • Many local mental health charities and community projects can’t access significant funding.
  • Funding is not readily available, with only a few funding providers for grassroots initiatives.
  • Small organisations have to rely on donations or their own fundraising, which consumes a lot of their resources.
  • Charities are closing due to lack of funding.

what we do 

The Blurred Line Group is your funding platform. We support, promote and provide funding to local mental health charities and grassroots organisations, and play our part in tackling the mental health crisis of today. Through our events and UK-wide initiatives, we aim to bring clarity to mental health and clarity to funding. 


Our fundraising events will take place across the UK, as we aim to put the fun into fundraising and make mental health clearer for all.  We want to create a varied programme of fundraisers, from live music events and sponsored swims or walks, to family fun-days and mini-arts festivals. We are innovative, bold and pioneering. Let’s make a difference, one fundraiser at a time.


Regional Expos

One region. One day. One objective. The Blurred Line Group will bring one of our expos to your community. As part of our UK-wide campaign, we will invite local charities, groups and initiatives under ‘one roof’, allowing them to highlight their support and services available to those with mental health struggles. Our expos are both informative and entertaining, with a rich schedule of inspirational speakers, engaging workshops, plus live fitness and cookery demonstrations too. 

Mentorship for


and projects

The Blurred Line Group are more than just funding. We form lasting relationships with the local charities and projects we connect with, providing mentorship, ongoing support and guidance to allow these organisations to survive and thrive. 

Launch start-up


Working with start-up projects is an opportunity for our team to use our skills and experience to help the initiatives ‘get off the ground’, reach more people and spread important messages. We work closely with local councils, authorities and other bodies to achieve lasting change in communities across the UK.




The Blurred Line Group’s University Programme offers unique funding opportunities to mental health projects in universities across the UK. We proudly have the wellbeing of students at the heart of our operation and also know the value that young people bring to our success. With universities having such a fantastic pool of talented individuals, engaging with them enables us to benefit as many mental health charities and projects as possible, whilst presenting students with the opportunity to develop their skills. 

Our University Programme is launching in 2020, when we will seek to appoint ambassadors in universities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.