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The Blurred Line Group are your mental health fundraising hub. Through YOUR donations, our fundraising efforts and business donations, we redistribute 100% of the money raised to local mental health charities and projects in YOUR community.

The more we raise, the more projects we can support with grants to support vital frontline mental health work . From a suicide prevention organisation, therapy classes and counselling sessions, to a sports club, rural farming and friendships groups, the money YOU raise allows these initiatives to prosper, develop and grow, and assist those with mental health struggles.  

The Blurred Line Group will forms lasting relationships with the local charities and projects we connect with, providing mentorship, ongoing support and guidance to allow these organisations to maximise the benefits and prosper from our grant. 

The Blurred Line Group focused on funding. Yet, we are MORE THAN JUST FUNDING. 

we aim to bring you   this section below can be included within our 5 year plan

  • Regional expos, conferences and awareness events
  • Mentorship and advice for all mental health organisations 
  • Online ‘Directory’ of local mental health charities, social enterprises and community projects
  • Starting projects in target communities, working with local councils, authorities and community bodies to achieve lasting change.